Not just a broker, but the partner you were looking for your shipment.

Air freight transport

The ideal solution for all those who want to entrust their shipments to a professional.

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ENAC security control

We have an X-ray inspection system at our warehouse.

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Document handling

The document handling service for import shipments arriving at Malpensa airport.

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The owned warehouse, located in Cardano al Campo just a few minutes from the Malpensa airport.

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Who we are

First Klass Service was established with the aim of offering air cargo services.

Operating as a broker, First Klass Service collaborates with all air carriers based on Italian and/or European airports, obtaining preferential and ad-hoc tariffs for each destination reachable by air.

Online booking

A shared platform is also available for all customers which allows them to view spaces and rates with the main air carriers in real time and, upon request, it is possible to proceed independently with the air booking.

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