From 31st december 2017 First Klass Service with code IT / RA / 00225-01 operates under Regulated Agent with the possibility of securing your goods.

The regulated agent is an air carrier, an agent, a freight forwarder or any other person who guarantees the performance of security controls on cargo or mail.

The status of regulated agent, approved by ENAC, is formally attributed by entering the subject's name in the "EU" Database and by issuing a specific alphanumeric code. The status of regulated agent registered in this database is valid for all Member States of the European Union.

Since June 2018 First Klass Service has also received AEO certification, "Authorized Economic Operator".

An economic operator established in the territory of the European Union that has obtained, following an audit by customs, an AEO authorization valid throughout the Community customs territory

This authorization gives the operator a "patent" of reliability and solvency to which a series of advantages are linked in relation to the type of AEO authorization requested, such as for example:

  • reduction of customs controls at the time of import;
  • reduction of customs controls at the borders of the United States, China and Japan (thanks to mutual recognition agreements);
  • greater speed in shipments and, therefore, reduced costs;
  • competitive advantage over competitors thanks to the prestige of being an AEO certified operator.

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